Rethinking High Fashion Shoes


Shoes have an enormous environmental impact. Every year, more than pair of shoes are produced worldwide. 95% ends up on the landfill. This massif production of shoes is linked with high CO2 emissions, enormous water consumption and the use of highly toxic products. A vast shift towards sustainability is imperious.

With the project Rethinking High Fashion Shoes, financed by research at the School of Arts (KASK) of University College Ghent, Belgium ( Kristel explores the future of fashion shoes within the concept of circular economy and is presenting Alice.

Alice is a modular high fashion shoe which implements the three important guidelines drafted in collaboration with sustainability experts for disassembly

2.materialisation = zero waste

3.shoe as service

Alice  consists of two detachable parts: the core and the upper. The core is tailor-made and 3D printed. The upper is replaceable and consist of zero waste materials. It can be adapted according to the needs and the look of the moment. Through its modular character, the shoe is fully recyclable.

It is a statement against, and a potential solution for this immense waste created by fast fashion.

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