Category: A Shoe A Day

5th of October 2017

detail sketch – working on a new sports project!

4th of October 2017

a quick sketch as I’m completely  updating myself in

the current state of sustainability within fashion…

there is still so much to do – drive the change.

quick sketch but slow fashion!

3rd of October 2017

‘I want back down’

Today, Tom Petty died. ‘I want back down’ is one of my favourite songs .

This song is about resilience where for me the black ankle boot is symbolizing the same.

2nd of October

high bubbles 

1st of October, 2017

“Trees start to give their leaves to us”

my son

1st of October, 2017

30th of September 2017

30th of September, it’s #drawingdays in Gent. I did not draw for more then a month…

let’s do this,  #ashoeaday.

playing with perspectives – thisperspectiveisnotcorrectbutwhocares

25nd of August 2017

Just a sketch – my mind is full

24nd of August 2017

Looking for some evolution

23nd of August 2017

..Is the doll’s only need

22nd of August 2017

Too young…Jules Schmalzigaug